This Special Pricing Ends In...
“Leverage Your Valuable Skills and Experience By Creating a Course that Enriches Your Audience While Growing Your Bottom Line!”
Hello Genius! Yes, I’m talking to YOU!

Congratulations on coming to this page! Thank you! 

You just took an incredibly important step toward expanding your business reach by providing value to your audience! Smart!

I'd like to talk with you for a moment about your brilliance and how you can leverage it to grow your business in some pretty cool ways!

Over the past 15 years, I have created over 150 courses plus over 300 individual training videos. That experience taught me how to master the course creation process to where it’s second-nature to me. The biggest lesson I learned through that creative journey is one that directly applies to YOU! The lesson is simply this...
ANYONE, including YOU, can (and should) create a course!
Why? Simple...

Each of us has unique knowledge, specialized skills, valuable experience, and natural talent in at least one area of interest (but likely in many more). It may be a personal passion, a longtime obsession or simply something you love doing because it makes you happy. I refer to “IT” as YOUR Genius Factor and it makes you an EXPERT who can help others!

Perhaps you are thinking, “Wait a minute...I am certainly NO expert!” I beg to differ!

An “EXPERT” is simply someone who knows at least ONE more thing about a given topic than those asking the questions.

Experts provide answers, solutions, and insights. Guess what...spoiler are ALREADY doing that in one form or another! So why not get compensated for it by sharing your expertise (your Genius Factor) in a course?!
Creating an Awesome Course Is Easier Than You Might Think!
Creating courses doesn’t have to be hard! The process is straightforward and easy to learn. YES, they take time...anything worthwhile does...but being able to DO WORK ONCE and then get paid for that work over and over again FAR outweighs the time spent creating it! The BEST part is that YOUR course can be about ANYTHING others want to learn THAT is cool!
What Is Typically Included In a Course...
I have identified SIX modes of course training that can be utilized in creating your course. You do not have to use all six! As a matter of fact, you can pick any ONE of the modes to create your course with! Those six modes are:

    • Presentation Videos: These are talking points shared using presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote.
    • Screen Demo Videos: You guessed it! These are how-to based videos for demonstrating software and web-based strategies.
    • Talking Head Videos: You or others in front of the camera sharing your talking points.
    • POV Demo Videos: These videos show you (or others) demonstrating how to do something.
    • Audio Files: Audio versions of the above.
    • Supplemental Materials: These could be resources, worksheets, PDF downloads, transcripts, working files and more!

If you are a YouTuber, you are ALREADY doing this! If you are an entrepreneur, you are ALREADY doing this. If you have a JOB, you are ALREADY doing this! If you are BREATHING, you are already doing this! 
In other create a course! You got this...
Now, you may not be currently capturing what you’re doing in a structured way to create a course, but that’s okay. That’s where I come in. That is MY Genius Factor! One of my friends refers to me as a “Course Machine” and it’s TRUE! I can show you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it in the easiest and best ways possible.
“Course Master Pro!”
In “Course Master Pro” I will distill down 15 years of course creation experience into an over-the-shoulder, newbie-friendly training that will guide you through the process of successfully creating your own course (or courses)!
In “Course Master Pro,” You Will Discover:
  • Session One: Crafting the Story of Your Course – 
    I always say, “Everything is Story & Story is Everything!” That is certainly true with your course. Like any good story, your course will lead the student on a journey of learning. The story provides the framework for the construction of the entire course!
  • ​Session Two: Creating Presentation and Screen Demo Videos – 
    This session dives deep into the process of how to most effectively create presentations and demos that your students will enjoy and learn from. We will also cover the recording and editing process as well as the best ways to use (and reuse) the recordings for audio, transcripts and more!
  • Session Three: Talking Head and POV Demo Videos – 
    For many YouTubers, this workflow process is already a part of their routine. But this session will cover best practices for everyone to follow when it comes to creating these types of videos for your course. We will also discuss sound and lighting, the editing process, video hosting options and more!
  • ​Session Four: Finishing, Marketing and Selling Your Course – All your course elements are finished...Hooray! Now what? This session answers that question and others, like “What is the best platform to deliver my course?” and “What are the best ways to market my course?” In this training, we will be using the Teachable platform to deliver your course, so we will cover the entire setup process, the marketing and sales and more!
In this brand-new, LIVE training, you will be equipped with everything you need to create your OWN successful and profitable course! Whether you are a YouTuber looking to leverage your channel to supplement your income, a Maker who wants to share your processes with your community or a newbie looking to build your first business online, this training will be perfect for you. It will guide you, step-by-step, through easy-to-follow pro-level strategies that will equip you to GET the job DONE!
Your Investment Today...
As someone with 35+ years of experience as a design professional, commercial photographer, and teacher, you have my commitment to deliver the value and success I bring to the table. Hiring me would cost thousands of dollars (if I were available) and the proven strategies shared in this training are easily worth that as well!

But I also LOVE seeing people share their wisdom and genius with others AND be compensated for it! So for a limited time, I am offering this full training for the heavily discounted price of just $297...
Your Investment Today Includes...
    • Ongoing Access to the Replays for All 4 Sessions
    • Session Slides PDFs
    • BONUS: Transcripts for All 4 Sessions
    • SPECIAL BONUS: “Easy Product Webinars” Training (All 6 Modules – 12 hours of training)
    • ADDED BONUS: Deciding What to Teach (Master Course Builder, Module 1)
However, as an Introductory Offer for FAST ACTION TAKERS (that’s YOU, right?), I am going to discount this training even further for a limited-time so that MORE people, like you, can get in and benefit from this comprehensive training! Claim Your Copy Today for a One-Time Investment of...
Just $297 $97 $67!
Just $47!
Refund Policy: Due to the live-taught nature of this training and the heavily discounted, immense value included, NO REFUNDS will be offered. Everything you need to make an educated buying decision is included in the sales copy above.
Thank you for understanding!
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